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The 85% Man and Lessons from Lucille is a decoder manual for men and a guide to kissing frogs for women. During a journey to discover a relationship like his parents had, the author discovered with much hindsight that “Everything my mother told me about women is true.” Going around the world in 280 dates, three marriages and divorces, he finally arrived at a place of unconditional love. During his explorations there were encounters that caused him to “LOL @ Love.” 

There were also painful moments losing four siblings, his parents and his best friend. Undaunted, he survived and prospered. This is different from other relationship books that give advice. The analogy is like giving a man a fish (advice), versus teaching him to fish (lessons). There are shrewd lessons from the author’s life for women and men to learn and prosper from.

To keep his mother’s spirit and wisdom alive, the author created a free app that allows readers, married or dating, to go online or on their phones to discover “What Would Lucille Say” about their love life, or lack thereof. Click DATING APP on the menu. The book is available in paperback, Kindle, and audio on and iTunes.

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The 85% Man and Lessons from Lucille is a critically acclaimed publication that has received 5-star awards from all the major review houses. It is available from all major publishing sources, including a marvelous version on Audible.

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Score Your Relationship and Ask Lucille! Whether you’re dating, married oR in a long-term relationship, you can quickly score your man and get advice from Lucille.
Score Your Squeeze If you’re married or in a long-term relationship and have concerns, issues, or want to see how your ‘Squeeze’ stacks up, then click below. It’s simple: select the boxes that apply, then click WWLS (What Would Lucille Say) for a Lesson and some tips.
Rate Your Dates If you’re running the dating gauntlet or just started a newbie relationship and have conerns, issues or you’re not getting second dates, then click below. There are simple yes/no check marks to get a Lucille Lesson and some tips.


Available in paperback, Kindel, and audio versions. Click the image below to preview on Amazon.

“This is a chance to wake up and prosper in your relationships.”
Clarion Foreword Reviews


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“Informative, engaging, humorous, and thought stimulating. I highly recommend for anyone in a relationship or planning to be in one.” FULL REVIEW “The book will certainly appeal to men with its humor and method of delivery; however, women will also have much to learn from the male perspective of their own behavior and mode of communication… a worthwhile read.”  FULL REVIEW “I loved this book and Lucille! This should be required reading for every man and woman, and especially all high school and college students. They’d be way ahead of the romance and life game.”  RADIO/TV INTERVIEWS “This is a chance to wake up and prosper. When in doubt, people should ask the important question, ‘What would Lucille say?'”  FULL REVIEW “The 85% Man and Lessons from Lucille is Bob Mack Peak’s well-crafted, uplifting, heart-felt romance epic. It’s a lighthearted look at the differences between men and women. Peak hopes to prove the well-known, open proposition that–“Everything my mother told me about women is true.” The book’s flowing narrative offers the reader a delightful journey toward discovering life’s truest reward—unconditional love.”  FULL REVIEW “An engaging guide on how to discover and sustain love that finds shrewd lessons in the author’s own life.”  FULL REVIEW


The 85% Man gets lessons from everyone. Even his dog Vinnie thinks he should go to obedience training. There are two in the series currently available. Click the images below to play on YouTube. You can also find these videos on YouTube by searching for any of the following: • The 85% Man • Vinnie the talking dog • Mafia Kitties • Lessons from Lucille • Bob Mack Peak Go to YOUTUBE CHANNEL BOB MACK PEAK Click images below to play YouTube videos.