My Screenplays

My screenplays are completed feature-length films. They are registered with the Writer’s Guild of America and posted on for studio professionals to review. My scripts have had coverage by various studios and agents and are ready for production.

An Action Drama set in the Heartland.
Welcome home to your new battleground, soldier.

Two brothers sacrifice everything to keep the five-generation farm in the family until crooked cops seize their land under an obscure drug law. They are prepared to do battle in court, but go to war against a Midwest crime syndicate. Inspired by true stores stemming from the Reagan-era 1984 Illegal Acts Seizure and Forfeiture Law still in force and abused since inception. “Lethal Weapon” meets “First Blood” driving “The War Wagon”    

WGAw Reg. #535499

A Coming of Age Comedy
Surfers make strange bedfellows.

Two surfers collide on a wave and strike up a bromance sharing everything, including the same wife/ex-wife. These surfers, friends, and lovers make strange bedfellows as they discover the true meaning of friendship. Read by Jerry Zucker, “Funniest thing I’ve read in a long time.” “Stand By Me” meets “I Love You Man” on a “Big Wednesday”

WGAw Reg. #523955

An Ensemble Drama/Comedy
The 19th Hole is Murder

Inseparable from college through their careers, four buddies test their friendship when one of them is accused of murder. Their monthly golf ritual at the Stone Mountain Golf Club is a flurry of bad swings, bad jokes, and a “Good walk ruined” to quote Mark Twain. Foursome football star Mickey Sumeral is now a federal judge who’s managed to get into the ‘The White Country Club’ of life. When his buddy Brandon Donnely is accused of murder their friendship is truly tested. Playboy pilot Jim Wharton and surgeon “Doc” Whitney round out the Foursome. The “The Hangover Tees it Up.”

WGAw Reg. #505187

A Horror / Sc-Fi Creature Feature
Mother Nature Ain’t Happy

Man-made eco disasters in the Pacific Northwest give rise to a Chinook Indian Myth that embodies all the killing forces of Mother Nature. Once bitten, you become a Little Hunter. Installment #1 of a potential trilogy/franchise.
“The Howling” meets “The Thing” at “The Cabin in the Woods” 

WGAw Reg. #1366414

A Romantic Comedy
What do you do when you’re fired for being too Italian?

A dashing San Francisco executive is fired for sexual harassment and being, well, too ‘Italian.’ Blacklisted in the city, he must take a job with a lecherous boss that requires gay-boot-camp. Unaware that one of his female accusers still carries a childhood crush, they must reconcile conflicts in their lives to come together and find the hearts they left at Pier 47. “Sleepless in San Francisco” meets “The Bird Cage” 

WGAw Reg. #701391