We have our own studios plus we use top designers and animators in various countries based on customer needs. To get it defined, designed, animated, and circulated, contact us.

Live-Action Animation

Grandcell Energy
This is a sample sequence for a national TV spot for rechargeable alkaline batteries. Our focus group study uncovered and ‘battery monster’ living in the homes of soccer moms – kids burning through batteries like wildfire. We developed multiple monsters to mpromote products that went to Walmart, Target, etc. Live action shot in San Francisco, then taken into the studio to insert ‘monsters.’

Sales Kickoff
This is a video produced for a data management group for their annual worldwide sales kickoff.

Sales Training
This is a video produced for Autopoint that does CRM for auto dealers. It takes the sales team through one of the apps. It was also used for customer intro into their process.