canna therapy

CannaTherapy?  We’re Cannabis experts for Health and Wellness. We’ve collected anecdotal information from hundreds of people and personal experiences. The benefits of cannabis are many with this organic plant that occurs naturally. It has been used for medical purposes for over 5,000 years, beginning in Romania. There is a lot of confusion because there is little medical proof of the plant’s value. Cannabis has become approved by popular demand. We’re not doctors or medical professionals, but we’ve been working with individuals and professionals for a decade now. We focus on health and wellness in our YouTube videos, blogs, and upcoming publications.

Organic Health & Wellness Solutions

canna therapy bookScheduled for publication in late 2023, we’ve collected stories from hundreds of cannabis believers. People looking for solutions for various health and wellness issues and tired of the side effects of pharmaceuticals can learn about the history of the plant and its genera, how to use and not abuse cannabis, and learn from other users’ experiences. This is not a medical guide, but a story of getting healthy, not high, and understanding how to properly apply the science of cannabis to everyday health issues from immune system boosting to PTSD and overall aches and pains.

We explore the issues of what we call OGS (Old Guy/Girl Shit). Seniors especially have ailments associated with aging that doctors solve by saying, “Take this pill, and call me next week.” There are alternatives that may work in place of these pills, and we explore those options.

It was only natural that we were contacted to do marketing for cannabis companies. We have been working with start-ups and large companies for strategy, channels/distribution, branding, design, informational and commercial websites, social media, blogs, education/promotional videos, social media, and massive content publishing. We have extensive contacts in the science and manufacturing industries and are knowledgeable of state and local regulations.

Contact us to get your products defined, produced, and marketed. Here are a few of our recent cannabis creative campaigns.